Oasis Center is a faith based 501(c) (3) organization that focuses primarily on low/moderate income members of our community; but are open to all who express the desire for change and make a commitment to attending our life skills and cognitive classes.

Oasis has a first-time youth offender program and works with several of the Dallas County Criminal Diversion Court Programs.

Oasis operates under the belief that reentry begins at the time of arrest and not just post release from incarceration.

Through the Oasis coordination of an evidence-based network of service providers who share a common data system, the network provides comprehensive services and programs for all family members of our clients.

It has been Oasis’ goal from our first day of ministry to assist and walk along side of those who face some of the most difficult challenges in transitioning back into our communities.

Their Mission
To provide life changing programs and services to first time youth offenders and formerly incarcerated persons.

Their Vision
To create a spiritual and social "model program" that can be replicated and scaled.



The Reentry Program has been redefined from providing services to formerly incarcerated persons post their release from incarceration to including programs and services to youth and young adults to alleviate generational incarceration. Dallas has several evidence-based nonprofits who have been vetted nationally and seek to build personal relationships with their clients, family members and community groups. Collectively, these groups have opted to share common data systems and be data driven to help alleviate generational poverty.

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