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ACYNTION Scholarship
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Requirements for Eligibility

We are so excited that you are interested in our ACYNTION scholarship. In order to help you along your journey, we want to offer you the requirements and criteria. We understand every circumstance is different, so please be detailed in providing information that will help to guide our decision. Our goal is to ensure every applicant feels heard and receives a great chance at this excellent opportunity.

**Please be advised that this private scholarship is awarded to only 2 qualified students annually. Carefully read the criteria listed below before submitting your application. Only those chosen will be notified.



  • Student must be at least a senior in high school to apply

  • A minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA on a 4.00 scale from high school or a College Transcript

  • Must be involved in extracurricular activities or performed community service

  • Student must demonstrate a genuine need for the scholarship

  • Student must meet all deadlines


Items to submit with your application:

  • Current High School or College Transcript

  • Proof of community service and/or proof of extracurricular activities

  • Written or typed 200-250 word essay explaining how this scholarship will help you achieve your academic goals, including key learnings throughout your school career

  • Three recommendation letters (one personal, two academic)

  • Statement (50 words or less) about how you hope to one-day ‘marshal your resources’ to help a student achieve their greatness. 



We look forward to students who are bright, have a vision, and will eventually pay it forward. If this is you, we urge you to apply.



Marshalling Resources Scholarship Team

*NOTE: Applicants are reminded to use the electronic fillable form provided to complete the scholarship application. After completing the application, please print, sign, and mail it to the address listed on the bottom of the application.

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